Personal & Small Group Training

For most people TeamFit classes will be enough for them to learn correct form, provide motivation and get a healthy workout in a fun, safe environment.

If you’re looking for a something more, 1-1 Personal Training or sharing the cost of personal training with a group of friends could help you with:

Perfect form

Perfect form and accurate movement can help with:

  • A more effective workout
  • A safer workout
  • Better movement for sports
  • Help with chronic pain from work and other activities

Help with specific difficulties

If you’re struggling with a particular movement or exercise in a workout 1 or 2, 1-1 sessions could help improve that exercise much more easily than in a class that is moving at a fast pace.

Help with specific goals

Get a tailored workout or education session for your specific goals.
Correctly learn Kettlebells, TRX, core training, or calisthenics technique for your own home workouts.

Working outside of scheduled class time

Perfect if you want to train well but the regular evening class times don’t suit.