TeamFit group fitness classes are effective, addictive, safe, and supervised.

Viit (Variable Intensity Interval Training)

40% Cardio, 55% strength, 5% flexibility and movement

Skill Difficulty: 1

Intensity: Low to high

Duration: 45 minutes


Supervised and coached group based Interval Training ranging from light intensity to High intensity, suitable for people looking to get fit for the first time right up experienced gym exercises or sports players looking to support the sporting endeavours. Each workout will include all major muscles

Martial Fitness (Martial Arts Based Fitness)

30% Cardio, 30% strength, 20% flexibility, 20% movement and technical stills

Duration: 75 minutes


Martial Fitness includes all the aspects of fitness that can be found in a general fitness programme, including: cardiovascular, strength, endurance and the correct alignment of the body while performing exercises. In addition, Martial Fitness includes aspects of fitness that are not required by people who only exercises for general health, but required for martial artists.

Fit and Flexible

80% flexibility and mobility 10% strength and 10% cardio.

Duration: 40 minutes


This flexibility and movement class is the counter measure for every person of the modern age, working in an office or for a martial artist looking to improve flexibility. It is the perfect stepping stone to higher fitness if VIIT is too demanding due to age, injury or other factors.