HIIT High Intensity Intervals

Interval Training is the most simple and effective way to get fitter, stronger and lose weight. It’s much more fun than plodding along at one pace too.

Small Group Training

TeamFit workouts are modern, effective workouts with the fun of team sports. Class sizes kept between 4 and 15 so that each workout has the right balance of personal assistance, individualization as well as creating a fun, safe and motivating experience.

Resistance Training

What ever your fitness goals are, resistance training will play a crucial part in getting you there. Whether your goal is to get kilos heavier or get kilos lighter weight or simply develop, strength, fitness and better quality of life resistance training is essential

Many independent studies since the 80s have confirmed that interval training can have a much higher return on effort. If your goal is improved, cardio, heart health, strength or simply to slim down a size or two , intervals are the most efficient type of exercise to reach your goals. Studies in Canada showed that a ratio of 4 minutes low to moderate exercise with 30 seconds of high intensity for 26 minutes produced better results for weight loss and increased VO2max. In Japan the TABATA protocol increased the VO2max of elite athletes by 28% in just two weeks.

TeamFit classes fall into the category between costly personal training and group gym classes. We believe that in most cases personal training doesn’t need to be a constant expense and that a personal trainer’s main job should be to teach you how to work out safely and effectively in any environment. Personal training is offered at TeamFit but always with the aim of making the client independent of the trainer. TeamFit classes are kept to a small size so that form can be learned, safety ensured and workouts tailored to your needs, regardless of your level of ability. Workouts are adjusted so that you get great results whether you are a beginner or experienced

Building dense (not necessarily bulky) muscle burns energy and maintaining muscle burns energy. If you want to tone up and slim down building muscle is important. Resistance training is even useful to maintain your desired weight because of the after- burn phenomenon that is becoming more widely researched.